Force Powers

All members should read these and be familiar with them, especially before posting in the storyline
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Force Powers

Postby Kyle Stred » Sat Nov 08, 2014 3:34 pm

All members will be assigned their Force Power abilities and skill levels by a Jedi Master (Council Member) within their Biography. These skills will be assigned as per posting ability, knowledge, rank etc. For example, a Padawan will not necessarily have a level 3 skill in Mind Trick!

In most cases Force Powers are assigned depending on a character's alignment to the Force. However in some cases there are abilities used by both - but with that being said Dark-sided powers will be lower in skill level on light-side users compared to dark-side users. They are also assigned depending on a characters time using the Force. You may find the Masters decide you have yet to learn an ability until further in the storyline.

You will notice from reading the Force Powers in the Jedi Archive that each ability has varying skill levels. You will be assigned a certain level fromt he start of joining. Throughout the storyline each character will progress their understanding of the force, and these skills will 'level-up' When this occurs, you will be notified and your biography changed accordingly to reflect this. Padawans, for example, will learn from their Masters, as would Jedi Knights who continue their training anyway. For Jedi Masters, it is more difficult to level up without guidance - it comes from overall dedication to Force understanding.
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