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Character Biography Template

Postby Kyle Stred » Sat Nov 08, 2014 4:06 pm

To create your Biography please CREATE a NEW TOPIC with the SUBJECT as your CHARACTER NAME

Fields marked with a * are required for PRE-POSTING requirements. If not marked, these can be updated at a later stage.

*Age at start of posting:
*Role: (ie: Jedi/Sith(not available at present)/Smuggler/Mercenary etc)
*Affiliation (delete as/if appropriate): Light-side/Dark-side
*Weapon of Choice:
*Saber Design: (Please read Rules Archive)
*Saber Color(s): (Please read Rules Archive)

Hair Color:
Eye Color:
Physical Description:

*General Overview:
*Strengths and Weaknesses:
*Hobbies and Interests:

Must include details up to the starting point of the storyline - starting point is the moment Vadar attacked the Jedi Temple on Coruscant in SW: EP3. For Pre-posting purposes this may be minimal but include points you wish to make to the reviewer in aid of application. MUST BE UPDATED ON AN ON-GOING BASIS AND IMPROVED IF REQUIRED.

YOUR FORCE POWERS AND SKILL LEVELS (if applicable to your character) WILL BE ASSIGNED BY A JEDI MASTER COUNCIL MEMBER in a reply to your Topic of your Biography in the Personnel Archive
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