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Bio for JD Lock

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*Name: JD Lock
*Age at start of posting: 30
*Gender: Male
*Species: Human
*Role: Jedi Master
*Affiliation (delete as/if appropriate): Light-side
*Weapon of Choice: Lightsaber
*Saber Design: (Please read Rules Archive) Twin Hilt
*Saber Color(s): (Please read Rules Archive) Green and Green

Height: 1.63m
Weight: 75kg
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Green
Physical Description: short but well built and athletic. Strong legs and strong arms.

*General Overview:
*Strengths and Weaknesses: Has undeniable faith in the force with great wisdom and understanding. He is better with force powers than with the lightsaber and often conjures up new combinations of force power use (jumping really high and force pulling his enemies into the sky to let them fall to their death). He tends to get distracted and forgetful at times and often makes notes of things to ensure he doesn't forget.
*Ambitions: to join the councel
*Hobbies and Interests: playing tricks on people using his force abilities. Making friends with R2 units. Pod Racing and galactic chess.

While on a mission in the outer rims at the time, JD was in his fighter attacking multiple enemies (droids) when his own ship fired upon him. He managed to avoid his ship and the droids and hid in a nebula close-by. He had lost his Padawan Vince Vega a week earlier during combat against the droids.

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Jedi Master Kyle Stred
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